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PRESS ALLOCATION coffees are some of the rarest and most unique available. This exclusive Ethiopian coffee is produced using a labor-intense process extracting all the fruit has to offer.

The coffee cherries are meticulously sorted and sealed in grainpro bags for 6 days, then placed on drying beds for 21 days as part of the natural Bombe Winey Anaerobic Fermentation process, bringing out flavors unlike any other coffee. The oxygen-deprived “anaerobic” fermentation process generates a tanginess with flavors of watermelon candy, bubblegum, golden grape, and milk chocolate. These notes create an extraordinarily fun coffee with fruit flavors you don't want to miss.

Watermelon is such a rare flavor note to find in coffee. The process to produce this extraordinary coffee exposes notes of watermelon candy. The aftertaste this flavor leaves is easily one of the most stand-out flavors we've experienced from a roast. Another significant tasting note that caught our attention is bubblegum. There are so many volatile and non-volatile chemical compounds in the coffee bean. The combination of them along with natural sugars and acids create a stand-out sweetness followed by a mouthfeel and texture of sweet bubblegum, a very rare find in coffee.

Farm and Process

The Testi Ayla washing station is a small community in eastern Sidama, located in Shenta Wene, which consists of 1000 farmers, some have only 2 hectares of growing coffee land and the highest know elevation in a whole Sidama, letting coffee grow in the most ideal for its settings. Testi Ayla is known for its incredible fermentation process practices, constantly evolving and trying new experiments with coffee. It involves dedicating a part of the harvest to micro-processing, which requires extra hard work and labor, as well as involving more people through the supply chain to ensure that the quality doesn't get lost by any storage or transportation factors.

This lot is a standard natural process with one minor but labor-intensive factor: after sorting and floating, the only fresh coffee cherry is placed into a hermetic plastic GrainPro bag and tied shut, where it is allowed to speed-ripen for five full days before drying. This method, which Faysel calls the “winey” process due to the additional wine-like volatiles and acids present in the final cup, is an attempt to maximize the ripening of available sugars in the fruit for absorption to the seed inside. It is a constant chore of maintaining temperature stability so the extreme environment inside the bag doesn’t spoil the cherry, and as such often involves moving the bags in and out of the direct sun around the clock. Once cured, the softened and fragrant coffee cherries are taken directly to raised beds under shade for a very gradual drying process of almost three weeks.

About Green:

The green coffee analyses revealed excellent green coffee metrics with a pleasant intense fruity aroma, with exception of a moderate density, slightly lower than our usual single-origin Ethiopia selection. The variety used here is called Kurume ("Kudhume" in Guji) is well known for landrace as farmers use it traditionally for cultivation in the Gedeio and Guji areas, not researches. We were able to contract 2 bags (60 KG total) of this delicious coffee from 5 bags total available through Royal Coffee, as Royal Coffee took the matters to the next level, investing and supporting the farm through the last couple of years without any attempt to change traditional Ethiopia practices in growing coffee. It means a world to us to be able to support and enjoy coffees from Testi Ayla washing station, knowing how much change can the support make to the farmers.

About Taste:

This Sidamo is incredible fun coffee to brew, the aroma of the coffee is fruit-forward and it almost smells like there is a glass of red wine in front of you. The best part comes in taste, this anaerobic fermentation coffee has a very traditional clean body of milk chocolate candy bar and insane fruit notes that are all over the board, from yellow to red fruits, we were able to pick up notes such as watermelon candy, bubblegum, golden grape, pink grapefruit, dried apricot, juniper berry, honeydew, vanilla, followed by the juicy, balanced, silky and syrupy cup with an incredible aftertaste of sweet watermelon that makes you want to take another sip. Even drinking a cup of water after enjoying the cup of Sidamo feels like drinking watermelon water with all the oils that stay on the tongue.

More Than An Online Store

The Press Coffee story begins in 2008 with Steve Kraus and wife Tram Mai who had a passion for great coffee. Not finding the quality they were looking for, they decided to start a specialty coffee shop of their own. Opening just months before the recession of 2008 Steve and his wife were tested from the very start.  Fortunately, their passion and commitment for making great coffee won the loyalty of their customers and kept them afloat.

15 years and 12 valley locations later, Press Coffee has become an Arizona staple among specialty coffee enthusiasts while earning national recognition for their coffees. Although Press has evolved over the years, they have stayed true to their beginnings: sourcing the best possible product, using only the best equipment; and most importantly, finding team members that share the Press passion for amazing coffee. Remaining quality driven and community focused, Press Coffee not only supports Arizona charities but the coffee farmers around the world supplying our passion.

We share our passion for specialty coffee by providing the highest quality coffee, service and knowledge with our customers and community every day. We roast our coffee Monday - Friday to ensure the freshest cup, whether you're in one of our cafes or your brewing coffee by PRESS at home.

Why Choose Press Coffee Roasters?

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a category of coffee that is formally rated and scored at least 80 out of 100. Coffee is scored using a scaled that has been created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to establish specific desirable attributes within coffee. You’ll often hear the term “specialty coffee shop” which refers to a cafe that serves exclusively coffee that scores over 80pts.

How do I brew my coffee?

Every way to brew coffee can be a great way! We use a Chemex in our cafes, but there are more methods available than we could begin to mention on this FAQ. The keys to great coffee for any method are grinding fresh, using great water, and maintaining an ideal ratio of coffee to water.

Is your coffee fair trade?

With every coffee we purchase, we are committed to positively impacting the communities we work with on the social, economic, and environmental level. This includes supporting sustainable growing practices, paying fair prices, and sourcing through direct relationships. With every coffee we source, we are committed to improving the lives of smallholders farmers, combating climate change, and the preservation of heirloom coffee varieties.

Is your coffee organic?

We always aim to buy the best coffees available and establish long-term farming relationships. Often times these coffees are certified organic, although they are always coming from farms that have good farming practices. If a coffee is certified organic you will see that noted on the coffee’s page.

What is the roast level of your coffee?

We roast each coffee differently from each other to bring out the best qualities of each lot. Our coffees are a medium to light roast, which promotes more flavor from the beans.

What's the shelf life of coffee?

Coffee is an agricultural product at its core and, although coffee never spoils, its quality does diminish over time. We recommend using coffee within 60 days of its roast date, although we’ve had excellent cups of coffee upwards of 90 days.

What's the best way to store my coffee?

We typically recommend storing coffee in sealed Press coffee bags, in a cool, dark place like a cabinet. For larger quantities of coffee like our 5lb bags, you may choose to use an air-tight container to reduce oxidation and promote a longer shelf life.

When will my order ship?

All of our coffees are roasted to order. We roast, package, and ship coffees Monday - Friday. We typically roast on the 1st business day after and order is placed, package and ship on the 2nd. Ex. If you order on Tuesday, your coffee will be roasted Wednesday and shipped Thursday.

What is your return policy?

Because our coffee is a consumable product with a limited shelf life, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns or exchanges for online orders and subscriptions except under certain conditions such as:

- You received an incorrect item from what was ordered

- Your item was damaged in transit

If you received an incorrect item or your item was damaged in transit, please contact us by emailing with the following information:

Your Full Name, Your Order ID, An attached photo(s) of the item(s) received

Press Coffee customer support is available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:00pm AZ MST. We kindly ask that you do not call our retail locations for assistance with an online order as online order fulfillment and customer support is managed by a separate team. Thank you.

Help? I have a problem with my order.

Please contact us. Our friendly customer support team is available to assist Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm AZ MST.

Coffee Farm

With every coffee we source, we are committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers, combating climate change, and supporting the preservation of heirloom coffee varieties.

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We share our passion for specialty coffee by providing the highest quality coffee, service and knowledge with our customers and community every day. We roast our coffee Monday - Friday to ensure the freshest cup, whether you're in one of our cafes or your brewing coffee by PRESS at home.

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Have a question about our coffee or placing an order online? Press Coffee customer support just an email away.

Customer Support Available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm AZ MST

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