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Ethiopia Guji Allona Coffee


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Farm: Allona
Region: Guji
Process: Natural
Variety: Indigenous Cultivars
Elevation: 2000-2150masl

There are not many entrances to Guji, which is a distant and heavily forested swath of land that stretches southwest through the lower corner of the Oromia region. None of these routes are short either, or for the queasy, for that matter. Thanks to the Guji tribe, Guji is heavy with primary forest. Multiple generations have organized and legislated against mining and logging outfits in the area in attempt to conserve the land’s sacred canopy.

In comparison to other coffee-heavy regions, there are large parts of Guji’s land that feel like prehistoric backwoods. In many parts of Guji, coffee farms begin at about 2000 meters in elevation and only climb from there. The farming communities considered to be “highland” can be both edenic and naturally pure but also startlingly remote.

In Odo Shakiso, Guji’s central district is the Allona farm, which is owned and operated by Guji Highland Coffee Plantation (GHCP). This is one of the region’s newer and more ambitious coffee producers. Founded in 2012 by Ato Wodessa Yachisi, the GHCP was later reorganized into a larger corporate entity in 2015 so that it could include the processing of regional smallholder coffee as well as exportation of that coffee. 

The farm itself is about 500 acres and exclusively produces coffee. During harvest months of October - December, the GHCP employs more than 2,000 workers. Allona also has its own washing stations as well as 4 wet and natural processing units throughout its property. These are used for estate-grown coffee as well as coffee produced by regional smallholders, otherwise known as “outgrowers.” In combination, these outgrowers’ farm land equals more than 2700 acres of additional production for the GHCP. Moreover, the outgrowers’ farming techniques are carefully guided by the GHCP’s extensive knowledge. 

Today, the GHCP is directly involved supporting its community as well as leveraging its large footprint in central Guji to positively impact its local infrastructure. For example, at their processing stations in Dukem and Gelan, the GHCP have installed water filtration systems that provide clean drinking water to 100 local families as well to their employees and their families as well. Additionally, in Shakiso where the Allona farm is located, the GHCP has designed and built nearly 10 miles of roadway that connects marketplaces to residential communities and schools. Last but not least, the GHCP has regularly financed the rebuilding or expansion of local Shakiso schools.

More Than An Online Store

The Press Coffee story begins in 2008 with Steve Kraus and wife Tram Mai who had a passion for great coffee. Not finding the quality they were looking for, they decided to start a specialty coffee shop of their own. Opening just months before the recession of 2008 Steve and his wife were tested from the very start.  Fortunately, their passion and commitment for making great coffee won the loyalty of their customers and kept them afloat. They were able to survive what was a difficult time for many much stronger and Press Coffee was born. 

Over 14 years and 9 valley locations later, Press Coffee has become an Arizona staple among specialty coffee enthusiasts while earning national recognition for their coffees. Although Press has evolved over the years, they have stayed true their beginnings: sourcing the best possible product, using only the best equipment, but most importantly finding team members that share the Press passion for amazing coffee. Remaining quality driven and community focused Press Coffee not only supports Arizona charities but the coffee farmers around the world supplying our passion.

We share our passion for specialty coffee by providing the highest quality coffee, service and knowledge with our customers and community every day. We roast our coffee Monday - Friday to ensure the freshest cup, whether you're in one of our cafes or your brewing coffee by PRESS at home.

Why Choose Press Coffee Roasters?

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is a category of coffee that is formally rated and scored at least 80 out of 100. Coffee is scored using a scaled that has been created by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to establish specific desirable attributes within coffee. You’ll often hear the term “specialty coffee shop” which refers to a cafe that serves exclusively coffee that scores over 80pts.

How do I brew my coffee?

Every way to brew coffee can be a great way! We use a Chemex in our cafes, but there are more methods available than we could begin to mention on this FAQ. The keys to great coffee for any method are grinding fresh, using great water, and maintaining an ideal ratio of coffee to water.

Is your coffee fair trade?

With every coffee we purchase, we are committed to positively impacting the communities we work with on the social, economic, and environmental level. This includes supporting sustainable growing practices, paying fair prices, and sourcing through direct relationships. With every coffee we source, we are committed to improving the lives of smallholders farmers, combating climate change, and the preservation of heirloom coffee varieties.

Is your coffee organic?

We always aim to buy the best coffees available and establish long-term farming relationships. Often times these coffees are certified organic, although they are always coming from farms that have good farming practices. If a coffee is certified organic you will see that noted on the coffee’s page.

What is the roast level of your coffee?

We roast each coffee differently from each other to bring out the best qualities of each lot. Our coffees are a medium to light roast, which promotes more flavor from the beans.

What's the shelf life of coffee?

Coffee is an agricultural product at its core and, although coffee never spoils, its quality does diminish over time. We recommend using coffee within 60 days of its roast date, although we’ve had excellent cups of coffee upwards of 90 days.

What's the best way to store my coffee?

We typically recommend storing coffee in sealed Press coffee bags, in a cool, dark place like a cabinet. For larger quantities of coffee like our 5lb bags, you may choose to use an air-tight container to reduce oxidation and promote a longer shelf life.

When will my order ship?

All of our coffees are roasted to order. We roast, package, and ship coffees Monday - Friday. We typically roast on the 1st business day after and order is placed, package and ship on the 2nd. Ex. If you order on Tuesday, your coffee will be roasted Wednesday and shipped Thursday.

What is your return policy?

Because our coffee is a consumable product with a limited shelf life, we are unfortunately unable to accept returns or exchanges for online orders and subscriptions except under certain conditions such as:

- You received an incorrect item from what was ordered

- Your item was damaged in transit

If you received an incorrect item or your item was damaged in transit, please contact us by emailing with the following information:

Your Full Name, Your Order ID, An attached photo(s) of the item(s) received

Press Coffee customer support is available Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:00pm AZ MST. We kindly ask that you do not call our retail locations for assistance with an online order as online order fulfillment and customer support is managed by a separate team. Thank you.

Help? I have a problem with my order.

Please contact us. Our friendly customer support team is available to assist Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm AZ MST.

Coffee Farm

With every coffee we source, we are committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers, combating climate change, and supporting the preservation of heirloom coffee varieties.

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We share our passion for specialty coffee by providing the highest quality coffee, service and knowledge with our customers and community every day. We roast our coffee Monday - Friday to ensure the freshest cup, whether you're in one of our cafes or your brewing coffee by PRESS at home.

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