Zoom Fall Allocation 2020 - SOLD OUT
Zoom Fall Allocation 2020 - SOLD OUT

Fall Allocation 2020 - SOLD OUT

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Our Fall Allocation is an extended fermentation geisha coffee from Panama called Kambera. Kambera is extremely clean, complex, and carries a velvety body. Notes of blackberry juice, cherry, bergamot, and cognac jump out of the cup in harmony. There isn’t a sip of this cup that leaves us wondering what more it could have to offer. Brought to us through Ninety Plus, a coffee producer which has been transforming the coffee farming and marketing model since 2006. Ninety Plus specializes in bringing Ethiopian heirloom coffees to Panama and impeccably growing, processing and exporting some of the words best coffees with complete control of the process.

Never run out of coffee again.

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Farm: Ninety Plus
Region: Panama Estate
Process: Mixed Fermentation
Variety: Geisha
Elevation: 1600 - 1700m
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