Colombia El Vergel Pacamara - Limited Release

El Vergel Pacamara delivers an outstanding cup with complex flavors from first sip to the last. A body of chocolate cake paired with notes of pomegranate and a sweet cinnamon kick with a pastry-like texture that reminds us of vanilla churro.



Pacamara comes from a work of Bayter family, this is our second offering from them. Their incredible coffees are a direct result of taking a risk planting different varieties on the farm paired with a complicated anaerobic process and exporting it directly. It's a unique time where you can try both offers from the El Vergel family as a pour-over option in our stores.



The Farm:

Produced in Fresno Tolima in Colombia, El Vergel Estates is managed by the Bayter brothers and their mother Marta. This project began in 1995 based on the conventional Colombian coffee and avocado production growth for over 15 years. El Vergel became known as one the largest producers in their region, leading them to provide economic growth to hundreds who worked with the farm. The Bayter brothers also processed and exported this coffee, providing fair pay to the farm.



The Variety:

Pacamara, also called "The Giant" due to the large size of the beans, is a cross between 2 varieties; the Pacas and a Maragogypewas. It's capable of producing an exceptional cup of coffee, but is high susceptible to leaf rust, and the plant is not uniform and stable from one generation to the next. This coffee was planted on June of 2016 at 1,500 masl in the microlot Laguna with a 7,000 plants, yielding 8,000 pounds of green coffee a year.



The Process:

A large big factor that contributes to an incredible flavor is the process of this coffee.  Based on the low density and the large size of the Pacamara varietal, Bayter brothers opted for a 48 hour anaerobic fermentation before drying beans for 15 to 18 days. The coffee was then moved into GrainPro Hermetic bags in a humidity controlled vault on the El Vergel Estates for a month and a half.