What It is

The Press Coffee story begins in 2008 with Steve Kraus and wife Tram Mai who had a passion for great coffee.  Not finding the quality they were looking for, they decided to start a specialty coffee shop of their own.  Opening just months before the recession of 2008 Steve and his wife were tested from the very start.  Fortunately, their passion and commitment for making great coffee won the loyalty of their customers and kept them afloat. They were able to survive what was a difficult time for many much stronger and Press Coffee was born. 

10 years and 8 valley locations later Press Coffee has become an Arizona staple among specialty coffee enthusiasts while earning national recognition for their coffees.  Although Press has evolved over the years, they have stayed true their beginnings: sourcing the best possible product, using only the best equipment, but most importantly finding team members that share the Press passion for amazing coffee.  Remaining quality driven and community focused Press Coffee not only supports Arizona charities but the coffee farmers around the world supplying our passion.


Program Purpose

Press customers appreciate amazing coffees and want to experience the very best. This unique program gives them the opportunity to indulge.

Additionally, we hire staff passionate about coffee. We enjoy giving them a chance to taste the best the world has to offer.

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How Does It Work

Four times a year we source one of the world's highest scored micro lot coffees.

First, our online customers will be offered their allocation

Each of our retail stores will then be supplied a limited amount of this coffee for sale as pour overs.

The remaining coffee, if available, will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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