Fall Allocation 2021 - Colombia Mellow Gesha

The attention to detail Oscar takes during processing shines through in this wonderfully clean cup, where you can expect fresh strawberry front and center with each sip, complimented by notes of honey and candied lemon, and the sweetness of marshmallow and pineapple gummy bears throughout. As it cools, the cup transforms to a rich pomegranate flavor with a sparkly body, backed by notes of vanilla, Earl Grey tea, and dark chocolate.




The Farm

This nano-lot Gesha comes to us from Oscar Restrepo’s farm ‘La Divisa’– located in the town of Apia in the Risaralda region of Colombia. The farm first started producing coffee in 1940, and had only grown common arabica varieties until 2012 when– after five years of ownership– Oscar lead his family in planting more highly sought after varieties such as Geshas and Bourbons, and growing them solely in small-batch quantities to ensure each crop could receive proper care from harvest to export.







The Mellow Natural Process starts with a thirty-six hour natural mucilage fermentation, followed by a forty-eight hour submerged fermentation which Oscar swears by for a cleaner profile in his Geshas. After the fermentation is complete the cherries are moved to raised beds where they undergo a meticulous twenty-two day drying process in which they are rolled over up to ten times per day depending on the temperature, humidity, and cherry moisture– to prevent uneven settling or sugar migration. Finally, the cherries will be moved to GrainPro bags for an additional 30 days to stabilize before milling.