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Summer Allocation 2021 - Colombia Java El Edén

Summer Allocation 2021 - Colombia Java El Edén

Colombia Java El Edén from El Vergel farms brews as an expressive cup, worthy of the PRESS ALLOCATION name. Defined by red plum sweetness paired with pink pineapple acidity, a sweeter and juicier fruit when compared to traditional pineapple, the cup is brimming with expressive flavors of hibiscus, rosewater, orange marmalade, and golden raisins depending on preferred brew method.





Produced in Fresno Tolima in Colombia, El Vergel Estates is managed by the Bayter brothers and their mother Marta. This project began in 1995 based on the conventional Colombian coffee and avocado production growth for over 15 years.


El Vergel became known as one the largest producers in their region, leading them to provide economic growth to hundreds who worked with the farm. The Bayter brothers also processed and exported this coffee, providing fair pay to the farm and their workers. PRESS is excited to work with this farm and can't wait to offer more of their coffees.





The Java variety, while fairly new to the market, has been recognized by Panama and become popular amongst smallholder growers in Latin America since 2016. It offers a taller tree that can produce more coffee but is tolerant to major flora diseases and has a low fertilizer requirement. The coffee's tasting quality brings high cupping scores and incredible flavor notes. The Java variety has been one of the most exotic of the estate, but El Vergel farms were able to plant over 7,000 plants in June of 2016.




Located at 1,450 masl and facing the snowy mountain El Ruiz, the micro lot of El Edén possesses a very low density per hectare. Java plants reach a radius of up to 3 meters from the center of the stem, which increases the yield per plant and guarantees that plant has space to obtain resources.





This coffee was exported and processed by Elias and Shady Bayter. This ALLOCATION is the first time working with them and we are extraordinarily delighted, as their coffees score high and make a big impact in the local farming community. For this coffee, the Bayter brother's have developed a unique process based on the characteristics of the beans. They implemented and extended anaerobic fermentation process with an additional step of introducing water to stabilize the temperature of the fermentation. The fermented coffee then is dried in the sun for an extended period in four stalls during the process, enhancing the profile and obtaining the explosive yellow fruit profile with a complex body.





Elias and Shady Bayter of the Vergel Family Farm


El Vergel Estates


Fresno, Tolima, Colombia


Anaerobic Natural




1450 masl


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