Spring 2021 Allocation - Colombia Campo Hermoso Golden Washed

Hands down, this PRESS ALLOCATION is the most tropical, citrus filled cup we have offered. Right from the first grind, this coffee releases strong lavender notes that fill the room with an unbelievable  scent. A brewed cup releases a broad spectrum of flavors - from orange juice, cactus cooler, and pineapple, following with rich velvety texture of dragon fruit and hints of toasted coconut flakes and cocoa nibs. We were also able to taste subtleties of prickly pear, passion fruit, lavender, orange bitters, peach cobbler, yuzu, and rosewater.



Quindío is a department of Colombia in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains. The Campo Hermosa farm shows a portfolio of three generations of coffee growers, full of hard work and commitment. Combining the generational knowledge learned from his father and grandfather, a university background in agronomy, and a Coffee Quality Institute Q-Grader Certification to boot, Edwin Noreña has tapped into a new processing style using multiple varieties such as Geisha that will be making waves for years to come.



It's so much fun to talk about Campo Hermoso (translate: beautiful field) farm again as they bring us this remarkable Pink Bourbon "Golden Washed" process coffee, handled by legendary Edwin Noreña and his farming and processing practices. This is truly an exceptional example of how much the methods of post-harvest processing can enhance the flavor profile in the brewed cup. There were many baristas out there who were able to win the world champion competition while using experimental process coffees to get specific flavor profiles in the cup, such as Sasa Sestic.

This coffee processing journey consists of two fermentation processes - Fermentation starts with low-oxygen, in-cherry fermentation where cherry juice run-offs (called mosto) is collected. Due to pink bourbon parchment color, the mosto has a specific golden yellow color, for which Edwin gave this experimental process the name "Golden Washed."


During the second stage of fermentation, the captured golden juice is filtered, combined with lactic bacteria, and reintroduced into the de-pulped coffee beans, initiating the 5 day-long controlled anaerobic fermentation process. During this stage, lactic bacteria eats the sugar of the coffee cherry and creates NADH, which stores as an energy source in the seed, allowing a faster roast that can take the heat. This directly results in intense floral and juicy citrus notes in the brewed cup making it a one-of-a-kind of coffee to grind and drink.




Pink Bourbon considers as a rare varietal as it's a natural hybrid between Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon, pink bourbon is harder to grow but its ripe cherries are known for a substantial amount of glucose development that results in more sweet, juicy, and expressive cups of coffee.


Brew Recommendation

Equipment Chemex
Grind Medium-Corse
Bloom 50g/30s
Pulses 3x100g
Time 3:30
Final Weight 380g
Water PPM 120
Water Temp 204F/95C
Total Coffee 22g
Ratio to Water 1x17
Note Adjust to taste

Origin Information


Edwin Enrique Noreña


Finca Campo Hermoso


Quindia Department, Colombia


Golden Washed (280-hour anaerobic fermentation with lactic bacteria)


Pink Bourbon


1550 masl


December 2020 at 22°C Weather